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*sad laughter in the distance*

merlyn’s upper lip the musical

aaaaaa old art i love you merlyn

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Hey friends!  I’ll just be posting art on my main blog now since honestly I don’t post that much art to begin with and I just post it all in photosets, so the art will just be back on steel-heel - thanks for following this blog!  I’m going to leave it up so my old art posts don’t go into that big tumblr blog in the sky

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"Boudicca Calls"

Last print of the semester so I decided to just take it easy and have a good time, and I really liked how it came out.

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These are from a little leather book I got to make while a visiting artist was here teaching us some leather working skills.  I decided to say fuck it and draw in it, and I’m really enjoying doing these little things.

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trying to develop more ideas for a friend’s tattoo 

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Sketchbook from this week.  Atrof ended up looking unintentionally preggo

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i got bored at work so more genderbending, nothing that special so not going to bother w/ tagging

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